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Welcome to Common Society Issues

A media studio with the aim of highlighting societal issues and stigmas.

We aim to give voice to individuals and organisations that tackle key societal issues by providing them a platform to share their experiences and empower others.

Management Team

Founder - Blake Jones

Common Society Issues was born from a personal life experience, when he set a personal goal of raising awareness on Mental Health, as a whole.

From an entirely new dimension, with a main focus on supporting the youth to live, and have, better lives.

Co Founder - Ivy Barreto

Motivated by her passionate quest for truth; Ivy strives to get to the heart of the matter.

Ivy’s key interest, is in empowering disenfranchised members of society, by unlocking hidden potential and encouraging maximum performance has help make CSI a reality.

Investor - Michael Inoma

Always at the ready, to engage with new ideas, and keen to help entrepreneurs launch or scale their businesses.

He has help companies in achieving operational excellence and digital transformation. "CSI will play a key role in empowering communities and facilitating representation."

Creative Team

Presenter - Helen Desbois

Our CSI Media Presenter, Helen, is an actress, singer and trained presenter.

Born in England and raised in South Africa, her home is now in an Ireland she loves and is totally committed to.

Helen has worked in many facets of the entertainment industry. She has toured the world with musical theatre shows, and has had acting roles in TV and film productions.

As a recording vocal artist, Helen has achieved powerful music hits. Helen’s interest now, is in being a major part of the CSI media team. Her interviewing skills, are second to none. She has a particular knack of putting interviewees at ease.

Helen loves being part of the Common Society Issues team.

Presenter - Luzia Berechet

Luzia is the CSI advocate. He/ She has over thirty years, experience, working within the community.

He/She has been passionate in all ‘service to others’ areas, since a very young age. He/She is completely motivated , to empower others, to empower themselves.

With incredible ease and confidence, in the area of mentorship, Luzia is the guiding hand of CSI, helping clients and interviewees, to gain more self-confidence and awareness, from there to be part of a better community and brighter future.

Luzia speaks three languages, which helps him/her to navigate many cultures and ways of being.

Luzia is all for team-work and CSI is very glad, to have him /her on board.

Presenter - Patrycja Evangelou

PAT is an Entrepreneur, Certified International Life, NLP & Career Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Growth Strategist, who has been helping young professionals and leaders who want to manage their team and themselves effectively without stress.

Her mission is to help leaders to create a happy and healthy team through her training programme.

PAT speaks two languages, visited more than 20 countries, experienced many different ways of life, and is open about different cultures, people and ideas.

Pat uses diverse coaching and mentoring techniques, intelligence, and emotional strategy for transformation, in a multitude of settings. She helps everyone to find themselves a formula for a better living.
She is happy to be contributing in a great initiative like CSI.

Creative Consultant - Candy Henri

Candy is CSI’s Creative Director. She is a designer who is ready to transform any space or environment into aesthetic perfection.

With a background in the design industry that includes on Art, Design and Fashion, Candy also has qualifications in Health and Wellness.

This all married with her innovative skills, takes set-design to the next level, bringing the viewer from their laptops and phones, to the welcoming realms of CSI.

Candy gives all, a dash of exquisite unique ambience on set.

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